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Happy Birthday !

Today two of my work lady friends have birthdays, so happy birthday to the masage parlor girls!

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Missy is Back on her Back!

Hello World.

Missy is back, and back on her back. I hope to see you walk into my parlor again very soon. Will you come? I will, if you can handle it.

It’s been a while. Where have I been? Well, for one I’ve been exploring the country. For another, I explored modern Korea. In korea, I said goodbye to an old friend who helped me when I was a mere 19 years old. Oh yes I admit I helped him in ways he never forgot right to his end, but I forgive him for that little bit of exploitation. He repaid me many times over as we got to know each other. He truly helped me out of my problem world back then, even if he moved me into this crazy sex world. I know now he was taking a risk with my life, but he was right — the alternative choice of leaving me to fend for myself at that time was probably far riskier. He’s gone now, and you have no idea how happy he was to see me at the time of his death. A very old man, but his mind was still awake. I gave him a free show right there in the hospital! It might have killed him for all I know. But he was happy. I don’t feel I lost a dear friend, because I hadn’t known him for so many years, but like I would care for any of you customer guys out there if the same happened to you, and you were a decent, kind person inside.

For the past year I’ve enjoyed California and the technology world. Yes little old Missy hiding undercover as a lady friend of a Silicon Valley boss man, enjoying expensive wine and near perfect food, at incredible prices. Event after event in dress after dress, and always meeting one Asian lady after another attached to a skirmish geeky American guy. The tech guys seem to like the oriental women. I never knew that. But I have to say, OH so boring. And more than one of those ladies was a working girl at some point, if not even now.

My Guy and I separated in a friendly way this month, and I am glad to get free again. I did my best to be true and sincere, but after over a year I had almost no friends. That community is not for me. It’s like the opposite of the massage room!

I always say, nobody knows what happens inside the massage room. As soon as that door closes, it’s just you and me, honey. What ever is wrong with you is normal again. What ever your strange desire, it’s perfectly fine. The words you are never supposed to say, can be used as you wish. The “private” body parts are no longer so private, even with this stranger, who is no longer a stranger. Inside the room, everyone is equal. Ready set go! .. you have less than one hour to show you are someone, express your personality, communicate your desires, share, and indulge to satisfaction. Or just lay back and snore while I touch you. No pressure!

In the real world of California big business, it’s the opposite. Everything is fake, even when shared intimately. A couple becomes your best friend for the evening, but tomorrow you’ll all be strangers again. And if any one attempts to get close, they are seen as a threat.  So sad.

Now at the top levels, this isn’t true… I saw that. The very successful (including my man) are able to make friends and share. But I was never accepted. Even after almost a year, I was just an associate of My Guy, not to be trusted too much. Sigh. They don’t know what they missed. Missy Loyal Pants was right in their midst. Thank you to Alan for that word “midst”.. without my “translated” I’d never be able to write this blog!

So now Missy is back on her back, willingly. I have my first customer today, in our new massage parlor. I don’t usually take new customers, but I still don’t have a full staff and my two girls were busy, and he seemed like a nice guy. Besides, I needed some variety. I don’t know if he expected it, but I enjoyed him immensely. Clean, strong, kind, and hard as a rock compared to my recent memories. I may be getting old, but I’m a lot younger in that department than most of the men my age these days. My “tip” was not as much as I expected, but better than the average. He was a nice guy and I am very are he’s peaceful relaxed and calm around his wife and kids this evening. Good for them all!

And I suppose that’s the key point. I’m back, and I’m comfortable. I have peace. I know who I am. Let’s get on to the next chapter, shall we?





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From Massage to Meat

Meat Market Asian Massage

Asian Hotties in New Jersey, listed in the local yellow pages under the heading "Massage - Meat".

See the top of that image? It says “Massage – Meat”. So now at least in New Jersey, asian massage girls are listed between MASSAGE and MEAT.

I suppose that’s fitting. “Asian Hotties” in New Jersey, that are “outcall only” are pretty much meat, yes?

And at $120 typical rate, it’s pretty much a meat market, yes?

Thanks for the image submission from New Jersey massage parlor GentlemenSpa.com

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Vietnamese Tanning Salon

Another submission from a male reader. I love reading these. I honestly do not know this perspective of my business, and I learn every time you write to me. Thank you Alan for rwriting/editing for my blog! Missy

Today was an amazing day for me. A massage parlor day, and it reminded me of Missy. I don’t know Missy but I know who Missy is, and I have been looking for Missy in massage parlors for about 10 years. I think she is avoiding me lol.

I was in the airport at 8am with an outbound flight at midnight. Nothing to do. I know this area has asian massage parlors. It’s always had them. I remember reading about them here and there when they were busted. I never had time to try any. Now it’s almost 9 and I’ve done nothing. Will my whole day go this way? What a waste. I connected to the airport wifi.

First I checked eroticmassage.blogs.com and cuntlet.com but nothing was new, as usual. A few quick searches for “massage” told me the areas around the airport had been cleaned up recently. You know the way it is… the high-profile ads with fake pix are all hj places, and the independents are all too much money for too much negotiating (and ID checking). I needed one of those hole in the wall asian AMPs where I could show up unannounced, keep it below $200, and get over on a less than 35 year old for the full cycle of hobby engagement. How to find one?

I read trough the backpage ads. No luck. I could smell the typical “we have one really busy girl professional and one old mamasan – come in and get the mamasan!” ad didn’t want that to be my only experience. I looked at the paid MP review sites… yawn. All fake or outdated and basically useless.

Here’s one… sounds good, a few good reviews, and stands alone in the area. I noted the address. That’s be my “sure thing” — an AMP experience at least, where I either  spend $60 and get the basic experience or take advantage of opportunity should it arise.

And then I hit gold. A report of a petite vietnamese at a tanning salon, with a one star performance. No way! First, I don’t believe there is a legit vietnamese tanning business anywhere. Second, if there is a petite vietnamese girl in a tanning business near here, I bet I can get over on here for less than $200, and I bet I’d consider it 3 stars at least. Game on!
I drove to the “day spa” that was to be my sure thing AMP experience. As I pulled up, there was a mamasan smoking outside. House dress, make up looking like it was left over from last night’s Soju party, and fuzzy slippers. Ugh. This is not going well. I still walked up and as I approached the front door, grandma went into the side entrance. She greeted me.

“Who’s working today”, I asked.

“Me”, she replied.

This was all wrong. I was not going to be shy… I had other options.

“No one else?”

“One girl.. there she is. She busy right now”

I saw a mid-weight 28 year old exit a room with a handful of tissues, in a hurry to get to the bathroom. Probably anxious to wash the stickies off her arms. The place was dark and damp. I passed.

I headed over the the area of the Vietnamese Tanning Salon. I had never been to a tanning salon before. I’m not the tanning salon type. I had considered the AMP my “sure thing” because I had no idea how to manage a tanning salon experience, and had little faith it would be what I wanted.

I found it on a small quiet back road, behind a Burger King. The sign said “tanning” but it was a dump. I doubt anyone looking for tanning would go in there. It was my kind of place.

I went in and it had one of those false entrances where you could see inside, but not get inside unless they buzzed you in. Promising. I rang the counter bell. A very little asian with a very big rack came around, wearing a very tight cocktail dress.

“You want to come in?” she asked, stupidly.

Wow. She couldn’t have been more than 80lbs wet, and I was  pretty certain she was a least a little bit wet somewhere.

“Yes” I stuttered.

She was indeed vietnamese, about 30, with the body of an enhanced 20 year old. No tanning bed in sight, just a massage room. Asked to pay the $60, I paid $200. She stated, rather than asked, “you been here before.”  I answered “of course, that’s why I came back”. She smiled.

About 8 minutes later she was before me sans cocktail dress, and apparently sans any clue as to what I expected. My guess at that point was she’s new, she think’s I’m a regular, and she doesn’t really know what I expect from here but she is prepared to deliver whatever it is. This, I thought, is perfect!

Over the next 30 minutes I did whatever I wanted, and she reciprocated nicely. Around the world, with a few side trips, and I genuinely couldn’t believe my good fortune. Trim, tight, fresh, compliant, eager to please, and all mine. Not much English at all, and a new kind of whimper I had never experienced (this was my first vietnamese experience). Does she like it? Is that a cry of desire or despair? Am I going too long, or not hard enough? This was not an easy read, but there wasn’t any effort to resist or change things, so I figured I must be doing ok.

After a while I couldn’t tell if she was close to coming or close to losing patience with me for my not coming yet. So I pushed things forward a bit. If she’s close, this should get her there.

Oops… turns out, little Lulu was actually out of patience and overheating. Apparently she’s used to the quick pops. We shared a little eye contact and reset, struggled through a little Engrish, and I assured her “just one more position” and I’d finish up… which I did. It was amazing. If she hadn’t let me know she was overheating, I’d have sworn on my aunt’s vibrator she was on the edge of coming all that time. Chalk it up to cultural differences.

And the best part for me – once finished, her demeanor shifted dramatically and she was all smiles, all about making me happy. She even assured me that “next time”, she’d be more prepared to last for me, so I could really enjoy her more. Imagine… aiming to please like that. This is not your typical amp experience! I left there a changed man.

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The New Asian Massage Parlor Girl

There has been a major change this year from the past. I’ve been working in massage parlors for too many years to admit, and running them for half that again. I’ve never seen this before. Not that it’s bad; it’s actually good for you guys and massage parlor loving girls out there.

I’m talking about the kind of girls coming to work in the parlors these days. Very different.

Back in the 90′s we younger massage girls were pretty wild. Either over bright (like me) or over dumb (like most of my friends), but not in between. Party animals got into massage as a place to hide during the day, pocket insane cash, and find guys willing to cater to the party girls after hours (in other words, be our stupid cash resource for drinks, coke, and bottle service). The “off” girls, or “garbage” girls were crazy or cast into the massage girl role. They just considered it work for hire. Everyone had to have a job, right? There were no “normal” girls. Regular girls did not work in massage parlors.

I am not talking about Asian escorts, but Asian massage parlors (AMPs). The escorts have always been a diversified bunch. Lots of college girls, international displaced girls, wives of business men, etc. And sometimes we’d get girls hiding in massage parlors, when they had a bad situation to get out of and needed cash. Most over-40 massage girls were like that, hiding from husbands and extended families.

But that was rare. In places like Atlantic City, I had lots of coke friends in the massage parlors. But Atlantic City was not the usual. When a pretty girl gets hooked on coke and stuck on the party life, she may choose to “recover” from her party night by crashing in a friendly massage parlor, with her friends. She can pick up a customer or two without pressure, to make the landlord happy, and for a few hundred bucks of recovery money. I know that route, honey. I lived it for years.

But the work force of Asian massage parlors was working girls. Pros. Today, I’m seeing a move towards “family girls”.

Family girls come from nice families, with nice backgrounds and good neighborhoods. They are clean and natural, not hardened emotionally or dolled-up Hollywood style. They are “the Asian girl next door”. As far as their “regular life” goes, they go away to “visit a friend” in another city for a week to 10 days, and then come back. They turn off their “real” cell phones, and stay away from the connected life while they are working. The family doesn’t know they are actually working in a massage parlor, handling 6 customers a day for 10 days to clear several thousand in cash.

I know who reads this blog, and it’s not those family members. So you guys (and massage-girl-loving women, since there are a lot more of you these days, too) should like to know this. These girls are cleaner, nicer, and more natural. They are willing and enjoy their work more than most pros do. They are also “less dangerous”.

I just said good bye to “Lemon”, who came from New Jersey. She was Korean, 23 years old, and quite beautiful without make up. She was all natural. If I met her in a club I’d call her a virgin, because of how she behaved. She may have never experienced harshness yet in her life, because she was so open and nice. Lemon told me she chose her stage name “since Lemon’s are tart, and when I’m here, I’m a tart”. Imagine that! I doubt I ever met a single Korean who knew what “tart” meant at all. I bet even Lemon doesn’t really know.

It’s almost as if she respects the profession that currently is paying her bills and funding her future. When did that change happen?

Lemon started 10 days ago. She flew in, came direct to meet me here in the massage parlor, and wanted to meet everyone else. She wanted to know “which room was hers” until I taught her the rotation. She didn’t ask me anything about “inside the room”. Good girl.

Her first customer was a regular who always stayed at least 15 minutes overtime. He was a pain in the ass, but a good customer. He always wanted more, no matter what he got. He was a clinger. But with Lemon, he was out in 35 minutes, very happy. How did that happen? Lemon said he was “cute” and “so nice”.

Her second day she saw 9 men, and made everyone happy as far as I could tell. During the time I knew her she was never rough, never dirty, and never brought any of her business outside of the private massage room. And now, 10 days later (about 65 men later on the massage parlor calendar), she hugged me goodbye, thanked me sincerely for “taking care of her”, and didn’t offer any suggestion of ever seeing me again. It was simply understood that she came, and now she’s going.

I’ve learned that she charged less than the pros, and was more open-minded than the pros. She smiled always, and granted every customer the benefit of the doubt. She must have worked hard, although I never saw her sweat. Of course I did check out her body (I have to do that before they can work… you would be surprised what lies under some clothes, and my customers need to be protected). She was young, healthy, fit but not trim nor fat. Very very clean, and perfectly balanced. That last part.. balanced, is the give away. Most edgy girls are uneven.. something is always out of balance. It might be uneven titties, or mismatched nipples, or bony hips or stringy legs or one eye tilted, or one leg slightly longer than the other. My long time friend Annie said Lemon was a “perfect girl” because she looked ready to make a baby. That’s a good way to put it. She wasn’t a “perfect 10″ like a model, but she was the kind of young woman you would want to make children with. No flaws.

In May I had 2 of these girls, out of California. In June I had one from Canada, and now Lemon from New Jersey. All the same characteristics. They need money, don’t have good jobs available to them, and don’t want to make big commitments. Massage parlor work seems to fit them, and they come and go as they please.

Good luck in the hobby everyone, and be nice to these girls. If we are lucky, some will stay in the profession and replace the aging pros who have become so cynical and edgy. If that happens, life will be good for everyone involved.

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Massage Parlor on the Long Road through Life

This story came in from a reader.  Thank you for that  – Missy

I met May last week at the new massage parlor. It’s one of those mirrored window places, the kind that everyone knows is not going to last very long. I went in and of course said I had been there before. I got May.

May was a bit odd. She is older but not past 45, and heavily made up. She greeted me with a friendly chest bump, which I thought was very strange. Her 5 foot frame meant her chest bump was more like a dry hump than a bump. She did again… a few times in rapid succession, while saying hello. It was like I was being dry humped by a Korean massage girl. I laughed. She aid “one hour” and I reached into my pocket. As I did, she pulled down her panties and tossed them to the side.

She was wearing a mini dress, so the removal of the panties didn’t make any real difference. I didn’t see anything except the panties get removed and tossed aside. But the idea of it — that she didn’t need them for a one hour session, was very strange. I wondered if I’d start to smell her.. and then I realized that was stupid. She told me to lay down.

About 45 minutes of crappy massage with too much oil, with a not-very-lightweight May riding on my back. Did I enjoy the no panties feel? Sorry. I was too stressed about the way she was sliding up and down my back with her ass, because it hurt. This lady had no grace about her. At one point she bumped up and down like a kid playing cowboy. Very very strange.

On the flip May started to handle Mr. Johnson and got his full attention, and then she slipped to the side of the table and pulled up a chair. She was looking straight at him, massaging him up and down, and I sat up to try and understand just what this crazy Korean was thinking. Her eyes were fixated on the Big Guy, while sliding her hand up and down, up and down. She leaned into the table, pressing her chest against it. I reached down and she pressed into the table harder, as if to block my access to the titties.

“I have a complex”, she said. Wow. I’ve never heard any Korean use that word. “A complex about my breasts”.

May then told me a long and detailed story of her battle with breast cancer, her surgery (which left scars she was hiding), and the subsequent spiral crash of her life. First cancer, then doctors. Medical bills, and distracted attention from the family business. A husband who couldn’t accept her “disease” and who just wished she would either ignore it or make it go away quickly so life could go back to normal. A cancer care system that adopted her and treated her like a person, teaching her about her health and how she could choose to fight the cancer.

May told me of her friends at Cancer Center, the chemo and radiation, the hair loss, the sickness, and the close bonds she formed with the others who also had become isolated from friends and family, but were also becoming enlightened about how they did have some influence over what happened to them.

I learned May is a survivor, now fully clean of cancer as well as any other germs that may have once lived in her blood before it was assaulted with radiation and hazardous chemicals. I learned that May divorced her “Korean man” husband, because he “didn’t really care about her and was stupid”. I learned that her family business failed, and she lost everything, but “survived her life”. I also learned that, according to May, the drugs made her crazy in the head (and still do). May says she’s almost done with the drugs… one more month. She doesn’t know what will happen next, but she has a different life now. What could she do for money? She heard about this work, and she was previously trained in massage as a young woman so she could get a job doing massage parlor work if she wanted.

May says she always knew massage girls to be dirty. It was not a respectable life. But in her craziness and separated from everything she knew, she tried it to try and make money. “No sex stuff for me” she says she told the boss. Just good massage. The boss said no problem, you can do what you want.

“That was 3 weeks ago”, May told me as she continued to stare at the head of Mr. Johnson, stroking up and down slowly with well-oiled hands. “I never did intercourse”, she asserts. “But I want to try oral”.

I was more intrigued than aroused, but her handiwork kept him firm. Then she looked at me instead of him.

“All my life I know just one dick”, she said. “Just one dick. Now… so many dick!”

I kid you not. This is my report from the field.

May described for me her 3 weeks in the massage parlor. She started massage only, no exposure. She didn’t make any money. Then she met a “very nice man” who taught her how should could understand her customers, and define options for making money, controlling things. He showed her the turn over and happy ending process, and she started to make money. And she started to see dicks.

“So many dick”, as she recounts the experience. “Big dick. Long dick, all kind of dick”. She was very interested to see them, and now likes to handle them and see how they react to her hands. She told me she likes to see them cum, but says many times she tells the guy to do it himself. She wants to do oral, but isn’t ready yet. “Maybe this week” she said. “I want to try. Someday I do intercourse, but not yet”. She then told me to finish myself.

No, May, not this time. I took the opportunity to show her yet another way a customer could get relief without oral or intercourse, and she thanked me for that training at the end of the session. “Now I know one more way”, she said.

Update Fall 2011: May died. She died of breast cancer, during the summer of 2011. This story was submitted in the Spring of 2011, which suggests she lived only a few more months after believing she was a “cancer survivor”. Clearly this woman touched her customers in more ways than the obvious.

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Happy Holidays

Hope everyone has it better than me this year. As with most obsessive and addictive people, I’m on the run. Running away from everything. I’ve been through 3 cities in the past 5 days, worked last night until 3am in New York, am in New Jersey now, headed for Atlantic City for Christmas Night. Internet connection is very unreliable through my connection.

Yes I will work… I have sort of special status in Atlantic City so I get to pop in to the queue when I want, and I want a few customers between 4 and 8 today. I doubt they will appreciate me, but I will enjoy them as my Christmas present. My choices, done my way, for my price. Then I go to the Christmas show, drink and gamble after, and have been told I might even get to meet Mr. Trump this weekend.

Whatever… as long as I keep moving. Ghosts can’t catch me if I keep moving.

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Strong Constitution, or good Faker?

Ever wonder how we do it? Week after week, close contact with the public yet we seem to work every day most of the day, and never get sick?

Well, we do get sick. But we are not whiners. And cover-up medications really work if you also get a lot of sleep.

Few get to nap as much as I do. I’m not always working when I’m on my back haha. Sometimes I just out for the count, recovering the strength I’ll need to grab onto the edges of the massage table and absorb the next ride from you. Ten minutes of gripping, grabbing, holding on and tensing up in all the right places can be a lot of work.

If you are properly equipped, adequately skilled, and I have my way, I push hard to reach my own climax so I can sleep like a baby for the following 45 minutes. I might not let you know, but that’s my goal when I’m feeling off. I take a double dose of alcohol-based flu medication, go all out for the ride, and plop down into a deep sleep after. A few rounds like that are better than sweat therapy.

Sorry if I don’t notice who you are or your name, or remember you next time. I’m basically in a flu med fog when we meet,  and a sweaty rush to spend my intensity so I can get to my warm bedroll and sleep.

Comments welcome. Tell me you love me, ok?

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Eye Candy for you Guys – Asian Links

While I prepare the next colorful post (it’s a big one) here’s some free eye candy to enjoy.

Creampie Thais


Continental Cuties

Creamed Cuties

Creampie Cuties

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Why I Don’t Love Professionals (but pay them well)

This came in from one of you guy fans out there. It’s been re-written to protect all parties involved, but the message was not changed. Basically what we have here is a married man telling the world why he chooses to visit professional women at massage parlors, and why he thinks this is a good solution for everyone involved (himself, his wife and family, the massage parlor workers, and his community).

The author is a little unusual in some ways (I do know him personally) but none of that showed up in his story. Honestly when I read it (and guided the rewrite) it fit well to most of the men I have known over the years. Feel free to comment – he will be reading the responses.

Why I Don’t Love Professionals (but pay them well)

I’ve been married twice, and have learned a lot about life over my 55 years. The first 20 were growing up years. Traditional American style upbringing. I went to school, tried pot, drank beer, and kissed girls. I was not the most popular guy at school but not disliked either. I was a jock, but not remarkable. I was smart enough, but not one for science fairs or math competitions. I spoke wel enough and liked to write, but was not a poet nor a debater. Would anyone remember me at a high school reunion? Sure… the few girls I explored sex with, a handful of guys I hung out with, and some teachers who knew that I knew there was more to life than crayons, book reports, and SAT tests.

I got married in my twenties. I had been with 4 girls before my first wife, only one seriously, and that one was in my first year of college (so how serious could that have been?). I had never been in love. I didn’t know what love was. I believed my first wife loved me, and I agreed to “take the next step” and get married.

Eight years later we both wanted different lives. We had not had any kids and both had changed a lot. She wanted to be someone different than my wife and I wanted to see more of life without a wife and family. I learned a lot from that time in my first marriage. I learned I could do whatever I wanted if I tried. I didn’t know that before, when I was only 24 years old. I also learned that being with a partner was not a biological union. Even married, you are two separate human beings with different biology. No matter how much together you think you are, when it comes down to life and death decisions or other situations where you are challenged to recognize your mortality, you will view yourself as separate from your mate. We got divorced.

In my early thirties I fell in love for the first time. She was already married, and we did not have a physical relationship. I was completely in love, though. She was committed to her marriage and not interested in fooling around with what was important to her. She did love me back. She was a beautiful person. I still hope she’s happy and her husband appreciates what he has. I moved away to puruse other experiences, since I could not have her and now knew what love was like.

My experience falling in love with her changed my outlook on every relationship I ever had before and since. I now understood my first marriage. I understood my happiness as a single man, and the loneliness I experienced while single but also while married. I understood some other people’s happiness. My life changed.

I fell in love again when I was in my late thirties. My outlook was very different, and I was willing to accept many things I would not have accepted before. My new wife was herself married once before, and had a child. We were good together. She provided most of what I needed, and I tried to provide what she needed. Mostly, she just enjoyed being in love with me and I felt whole being with her. I had learned to give, and giving is very important. The more I gave the less I needed from her, and the happier she was the more she could live life well without stresses. We have enjoyed ups and downs… some health issues, some trouble with her only daughter. We suffered a period where she found religion and it almost pulled the family apart. Eventually she educated herself more, and learned more about how the world works in that regard, and she is now more humanist than religious. We also suffered through a few times where men were chasing after her, and her eyes were open to theidea that there was so much more to expolore in the sexual/sensual world (beyond me). She struggled with that, but managed to contol herself enough that we are still together and we are happy.

But my biggest challenge has been other women.

Let me say Missy I am not a luster. I like beautiful women and I appreciate hot sensuality but I don’t need to act out on my desires with other women. I am very attracted to my wife, and she has a very flexible appearance and personality. She has a way of being what I need. I have had my half-dozen or so sexual partners over the years, from high school fooling around through some college drunk sex, my first marriage, and the single-again dating meat market of my thirties. But there is no way to protect against the aggressive open sexuality of today’s divorced society.

I had one affair while married, and my wife had two that I experienced. The psychological impact was far more damaging than the physical. The doubts… the questions about trust and honesty were terrible. The fact that someone was banging my wife was really secondary to the trust issues. Once I dealt with that the first time, I could not believe her with most things she managed with me. How could I. If she had just admitted that she was screwing the guy, we could have gotten past it by dealing with it and the consequences. And when it was my activity, the same thing happened. If I was screwing some available partner behindmy wife’s back, she wanted to deal with it openly. Why? When did I have such freedom? How could I justify it? Was I protcting her and my family? All of the issues that matter, beyond the false topic of love and sexual attraction. Once you’re grown up, it’s no mystery that anyone can fuck anyone, given a few minutes of privacy and a drink or two. What really matters is truth and consequences.

I will now explore that from my male perspective, dealing with today’s available women. Hopefully I will show why I am happy to pay a professional for sex, for everyone’s sake.

Available women today are dangerous. For me, at age 55, they are either the same age, slightly older, very young, or ten years younger. Each group seems to have its perspective, and almost none of it is healthy for me.

Young girls seem to love to fuck older guys like me. They see us as non-threats and opportunities. We are easy prey for their youthful bait, and we usually have plenty of financial resources to share with them. But those same young girls are exploitive. They see me as an opportunity to trick me into something they can cash out of later, since any affair was my fault and I can pay. I have everything to lose, and they have nothing to lose.

In short, playing with a twenty something young lady is playing with fire. She is looking at opportunities to exploit everyone involved… threaten to break up my marriage, threaten to harass my wife, or threaten to drain my bank account. I have even heard stories of young women bringing aggressive males into the picture to help exploit the older guys. Very dangerous to everyone, for the thrill of a false relationship.

Older women are equally aggressive but seem to be after companionship. They will give up sex but only as a hook. They are often not really interested in sex, but are willing to use it to get what they want. They are also haters. They seem to have resentments towards others, such that they, too are dangerous to anyone with a family. Why mess around with fire? Why take on risk with a personality that is bent on revenge and disruption if they can’t have what they want? Again realize I am talking about affairs.. not lying but admitting I am married and in need of extra-marital activities.

Women my age are still holding out promise for a long term relationship, but are also desperate enough to fool themselves into denial. No matter how clear I make it that I am married and intend to stay that way, they see opportunity to be the one true love that changes my mind. Again… very dangerous to all parties involved. I am amazed at how far some women in their fifties will compromise their own principles to fit the opportunity at hand. A bird in the hand is apparently better than nothing, even if you don’t like birds.

The rest of the women that come to me looking for a fling come with equally fearsome qualities. Many are walking head cases. Some have been jilted a few times, and ar enow ready to let it all go and just go with the wind to see what happens. You have to wonder, where have they been? Who have they been with, in the name of sexual freedom? Do I want to share that?

Some are seriously damaged emotionally, looking carefully for a savior. Someone who passes the test.. is not a scumbag, is to be grabbed and secured! Seriously… is it that bad? I don’t know. I have never intentionally harmed a woman but clearly many women have been victimized.

Now let me say why I am happy to pay my professional women. First, I am clearly looking for intimacy and sex. I also want a relationship, but not one that changes my “real life”. I go for sex and intimacy when I need it and can’t manage without it. When my wife is unavailable or intimacy with her is not possible (for whatever reason). I can’t always function on my own, without some of that sexual intimacy. Women seem to be able to function just fine, even if they really want it.

I also need the relationship. Just as a woman might “need” her woman friends, I need a friendship in my heart with another woman aside from my wife. I give a lot for my wife, and view her differently than a woman with whom I am a friend (or sexual friend). I don’t give to my professional women friends, except for cash. That is part of the deal. I don’t need to give… just take. She accepts cash in place of such emotional giving.

I go to professional houses (brothels, massage parlors, tanning salons) to find these professional women willing to take cash for an intimate sexual relationship. I trade $200 for an hour of one on one sexual intimacy and personal conversation. It’s not always small talk. I often have deep conversations about relationships with my professional women. They have unique perspectives.

Because I employ these women, I enjoy making new friends, having sexual flings, and even grow emotionally from “breaking up” without the risks of crazy stalkers, threats of extortion, or risks of diseases. I have met women from all around the world, and learned how they live in this world. I have enjoyed the bodies of women from a few dozen nationalities from African to Eauropean and Asian. I have learned about some of their customs, including food, language, and sex. I have avoided most of the risk of having an affair, because of the fact that my patronizing a prostitute is less damaging to my trust relationships than “falling in love” with a free and available women in the community. I hope I never have to explain my activities, but if I did I can honestly report that I was never in love, never at risk beyond what was visible to me, and driven not by intimacy but physical urges.

In fact the biggest risk to society that these professional women present is the risk of my getting caught in some political raid or other exploitive abuse by the very society claiming to be protecting itself. If a man is caught with a prostitute he is put up on display and mocked for his failings. Others abuse him to make themselves feel better. The truth is, except for that risk of incurring the wrath of the ignorant masses, society is better off if men who need it get it from professionals.

Family values? What a joke. Preserve family values by

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