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Best GFE Massage

Hello to my Best GFE friends out there. GFE is a common term in the massage parlor world. it means “Girl Friend Experience“. If you pay for a GFE your provider will act like a girl friend. That means kissing, and sometimes additional acting.

Anyway I see a number of East Coast massage website fans coming to read my blog. I don’t know what they are saying about me over there because it is members only. Whatever. Maybe someone will add a comment and let me know?

I haven’t been to NY for a while. Maybe its time to visit again. But only if I have fans. I won’t bother to go where their hating. Are they putting on the hate, BGFE people? I heard about the problems in CT so that’s out. Is Philly still rockin? Are the sisters keeping busy in the city of brotherly love? I passed on an invitation to revisit a certain asian business well known around them parts from the old days. I wonder if it really re-opened and if it did, is it as busy as it was?

Sorry guys. My PA-NJ-NY-CT memories of you “gentle men” are not so great.


1 Jerseyboundboy { 08.20.08 at 8:16 pm }

Someone said you were hot and a cheap whore. Aer you?

2 Massage Girl { 08.20.08 at 8:17 pm }

Hi Honey. No, I’m not cheap ;-)

3 jbb { 08.20.08 at 8:19 pm }

Your fast tho. Where do you work? I got 20 bucks for you if

4 Noman-d { 08.20.08 at 8:21 pm }

Hi missy they were liking your stories that’s all. Its an escort review board and not a very good one. Pretty lame but thats how NJ is these days. No talent at all. We could use some pros who are happy with a good tip not a retirement fund.

5 Massage Girl { 08.20.08 at 8:24 pm }

thanks nomad. In my days NJ was fun. Asbury Park was great with the beach during the day and Atlantic City at night. But too ugly living there with so many aggressive people. The north was good business but the customers were demanding and honstly, not very good humans as they go. Sorry if that’s you. Im sure you are different.

6 WildBill { 08.21.08 at 12:13 am }

Did you work in an AMP in AP? Ive been to all of them since 1995. Cant say I had every girl, but most. AC was great but things have changed alot now. Sun spa was my atf

7 Cantinflas { 08.22.08 at 5:30 pm }

I read about you on the Massage Parlor-Tales of Erotic Massage and then here. I was the one who posted your site with the story on the of the nasty chinese massage lady and her globs of goo coagulating in her swim suit. Come visit NYC and drop me an email and I will update the members.

8 Massage Girl { 08.23.08 at 5:27 pm }

Hi honey. I still don’t know what they were sayng about me. Did you post my whole story? I hope not. That’s copyright infringment you know.

If I go to Long Island I will let you know. I had a good client once up in foggy Crane Neck. It was very dark and remote up there, and when that fog rolled in it was way scary. But the mornings were amazing.

9 Cantinflas { 08.25.08 at 2:49 pm }

Yes , I did post your story with your website as the header. Under no circumstances was I taking credit for your work. Also that is why members were coming over to your site.
If you wish, I can edit out the whole article and just have them click thru.
I assume they are already doing that, you have my email, feel free to contact me.

10 Massage Girl { 08.25.08 at 4:51 pm }

Well I never like to see my entire stories republished, because that’s what this blog is for. And I always like to know what people say about me, if it’s good.

11 ralph { 09.01.08 at 2:25 pm }

Hi missy, can u email me if you have a moment. I tried emailing you, but not sure if it made it you. Thanks.

12 Hobbyist { 11.02.08 at 3:16 pm }

OK, my experience of the GFE: here in L.A., Chinese places are HJ factories. Useful, but improfessional and impersonal. Got laid there, but it was starfish-town, then, “next!”
Thai places: all legit and just a tease, really. Sometimes coy about it, too. Massages can be very therapeutic, though, so I keep going.
Note that single (and even some that aren’t!) Thai girls are almost all looking for a farang BF. But forget the GFE …They are typical Asian “good” girls: long dating, chaste (closed-mouthed) kissing, meeting the family, etc. If you’re into that, you might as well waste your time with regular girls and stay out of MP’s altogether.
I’ll say that although not the best-looking, they’re usually the sweetest of Asians,though, along with Filipinas maybe.
Korean places I’ve been to were all FS. Young chicks are sweet, but often a little conceited and all about the quick buck. Most older ones (30+) go straight to the GFE without asking. They say that they can’t have a BF in that line of work (not always true) , and I guess they can use a little tenderness. They seem to also be on the lookout for regulars & sugar-daddies, so they’re not so shy about going all-out with a customer. They’re probably also not as afraid of falling in love as the rookies. You can definitely tell that they’re open to enjoying it, anyway, which I dig.
Haven’t been to any Japanese places, and the reviews I read were lame, but the one J-girl I met (in a Korean place) did not hesitate to tell me she “liked” me, asked for my phone number, and we lip-locked the whole time (4 times). That’s a GFE if I’ve had one!
The Latina I visited was all business (“How much you gonna give me, papi?”) and classless (“That’s good pussy, huh!”), but I can’t generalize.
Caucasians, I haven’t tried. Most places seem expensive, legit, and with attitude, around here.
Nothing much to add, except that it seems that getting a GFE doesn’t hinge so much on how much money you lay out, more on your respect, hygiene, and attitude.

13 ny escorts { 03.07.10 at 2:37 am }

what a classy lady. guys dont be so rude on a public blog. geez.

14 Joe { 04.15.10 at 6:17 am }

I have been a hobbyist for over three years now, and enjoy the hobby a great. There is nothing like spending time with these lovely Asian ladies. If I were rich I think I would go every day. The review boards have been big help to me in determining which girls to see. These boards offer a great deal of information on these girls. But be careful what boards you choose to browse. Most are very reliable. But, I would avoid one called Bestgfe.com It’s one of the most notorious shill boards on the internet. It’s either controlled by one, or a group on individuals who create fake and bogus reviews, to lure unsuspecting customers. It’s really nothing more than an Advertising board for Massage Parlors, and Escort providers – who probably pay for their Ads to be posted on their boards to bring them business. So beware of this review board my fellow hobbyists. But, there are many other fine reviews boards around that can provide a hobbyist is good reliable information on FS AMPS and Escort providers. This can be especially helpful for someone one new to this hobby. The new ones are particularly susceptible to review scam boards, such as Bestgfe.com – If anyone would like any information on the more reliable review boards, please feel free to email me. I would be happy to help you in picking the right review boards. – Joe

15 TheOriginalAdam { 10.24.10 at 12:58 pm }

Hi Missy. I have to say you sound great but not like a jersey girl. Maybe one passing thru Sun in AC back in the very late 90s, but not in NNJ. As for BestGFE those guys are an embarrassment. So cheap and they talk details that ruin things for everyone. As a customer I don’t really want to know that some dude gave a facial to my fave for $40, whether or not it’s true. If LE reads only that crap they get a very distorted view of our hobby.

I’m here for the work not the people. You’re lucky if you never have to work here.

16 Massage Girl { 10.24.10 at 11:18 pm }

Hi Adam and you are so right! I did spend time at Sun. I will never forget they expected the ladies to sit ON THE FLOOR of the curtained staff room between sessions. Yuck! I tended to wander around an join into ongoing sessions my friends were engaged in (delishious).

But I did like that place. Kim was relaxed, and we got some seriously spendy clients. I had a ton of fun outside the parlor (mostly across the street at the Hilton). Lots of recreational substances showed up there also.